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Price Listing :

Banners ! When you visit a Blog , the thing that attracts you in is .. The Banner .
Buy a high quality Banner for ;
Banner + No Dolls = 9sd
Banner + Featuring One Doll = 11sd
Banner + Featuring Two Dolls =  15sd
Banner + Featuring Three Dolls = 21sd
And it is 5sd extra for any more Dolls added to the Banner

Writers Signatures [WriterSign.] , are what you use to introduce yourself in a Post or sign off on a Post when writing for a blog . Buy a unique , bold WriterSign. for ;
WritersSign. + No Doll/s , only text = 7sd
WriterSign. + One Doll + Text = 9sd
WriterSign. + Two Dolls + Text = 13sd
WriterSign. + Three or More Dolls + Text = 15sd

Magazine Covers [or Spoiler] , pretty self explanatory .
Magazine Cover/Spoiler + No Dolls + Text Only = 10sd
Magazine Cover/Spoiler + One Doll + Text = 15sd
Magazine Cover/Spoiler + Two Dolls + Text = 17sd
Magazine Cover/Spoiler + Three or More + Text = 19sd

Fashion Shoots , for Magazines or just to be used as graphics . Buy for ;
10sd For every Doll included
15sd For every page used


Plus any other Graphics can be made .
Leave a Comment with your Stardoll Username and what graphic you want and I will get back to you .
Standard Starbazaar fees are not included with these prices .
So if something is for 4sd and you buy it , it will cost 5sd .

If you are not 100% Satisfied with your graphic, then your cost does not apply.
Striving for Excellence at TKG ; ]

[Graphic prices have risen, becaus of loss of time, sorry dolls]


newstardolllover said...

WriterSign. + One Doll + Text = 7sd
I want my doll on it (cathy2889)
Blog Name: New Stardoll Lover
And it to say: The Venting Queen
xD So just message me about this on Stardoll If You have questions
And choose whichever color you want
(And I will pay for it whenever)

Rafael|Rafi101 said...

I need a Wild Card Graphic for "Rafael's Next Topmodel". (I'm sure you will help your media partner ;D)
No Doll
It has to say: RNTM WILD CARD - Welcome in Cycle 3!
No matter what price, I'll pay it. And I need it this Friday! Thank you.
xoxo Rafi101

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Banner+Featuring One Doll=11sd
I want my doll on it(missomorfi010)
Blog name:stardoll crazy fans
And it to for stardoll crazy fans
Colour theme:black purple
dress:hot pink
if you have questions send me a mesage or write in my guestbook!
and i will pay for it whenever

Kate said...

I was just wondering because you have gave away your stardoll account how would I pay for a banner because I am in desperate need for a good quality one. Also I would like to be media patners if it is possible.

Ladygagahope said...

Banner+Featuring One Doll=11sd
I want my doll on it(ladygagahope)
Blog name:Blogforgreece
And it to
Colour theme:green pink
top:light pink
if you have questions send me a mesage or write in my guestbook!
and i will pay for it whenever

cherinababz said...

My Stardoll username is cherinababz and I would like a magazine cover with three Stardolls on it. Could the three stardolls be cherinababz (me), cherriylove and coolginger4 if possible? I would like cherinababz wearing a black and yellow mini dress and coolginger4 and cherriylove wearing a longer black and yellow dress.
Could cherinababz please be in the middle and, no text please! :D

cherinababz said...

Hello, my username is cherinababz and could i have a graphic of me please?
Can the graphic be me with my right hand on my hip and my left hand down with the hand sticking out, if you don't understand (Sorry, the directions aren't so clear! :) ) just do the right hand on my hip please. Thanks!!

hg00 said...

Hi! Banner+ one doll=11sd
I want my doll on it (my doll is hellogirl00)
Blog name Make Up tutorials, made by me. it´s
And it to say: Make Up tutorials. Ask for hellogirl00!
If U have questions, write to my GB.
BTW: I want long black dress.
thankiess, hg00xx

Starchild_2 said...

Banner + Featuring One Doll+text

I would like my doll(starchild_2)
and i want to use this banner for any blog i am writing for :) Because i go on alot of blogs and dont have time to make more then one banner for each blog.. so i want this banner to be able to be used on any blog :) And i want it to be pretty and like fierce... I dont know how you charge for that.. but i will pay any amount :) And i was thinking maybe i could get a graphic ?

Anonymous said...

Banner + Featuring One Doll = 11sd
WriterSign. + One Doll + Text = 9sd

I'm not fussy about what the banner and writersign look like, however I would appreciate it if you could finish them asap :)

If you need to contact me futher please email me at: