Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comp Entry #1

Eeeew ! Haha

It looks like a huge Purple Pumpkin with a black spider sitting on it.
I made this people !
Experimenting with brushes and stuff [:

Hi and sorry :'(

Hi guys, weeeeeell long story.
I was working on the Posing your Medoll [The Legal Way] Tutorial, when I mucked it up.
Due to the numerous layers and the way I fucked up the fingers :L haha, I'm not that sad about it though, because I'll make you a tutorial soon [:
And, it is Sunday tomorrow, which is my graphics day.
So for now, here is a graphic I made.

Wow. This is really crap.
And I'm not very proud of it, well I'm proud of myself but not the outcome.
Wondering why I'm proud ? I made this pose and background 100% from scratch.
I'm sick of using pre-made poses and decided to try my hand at making my own poses, [Thank you polygonal lasoo tool and eraser !] .
Here are the negative points:
  1. The hands are weird. And look very deformed and miscoloured [That's not even a word]
  2. The dodging and burning isn't my usual skin shading technique
  3. There is a 'choppy' outline around most things
  4. The face is all squished as I had to resize it to be smaller
  5. The outfit was hard to put together, [It is all LE and one Hotbuy]
But focusing on the positive side:
  1. The pose was made by scratch ! And I'm proud
  2. The hair was made from scratch ! The coloring and shading is perfect
  3. I experimented with Text, Fonts and Effects, and gained experience
  4. I made a background from scratch
  5. And I'm starting to grip the basics of Photoshop
That's it from me.
-TeeKaye x
Will post tomorrow [:

Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming to you from TKG !

Hola Chica's & Chico's [:
Tomorrow, I'll be bringing you an exclusive Tutorial on how to pose your Medoll [The legal way] .
And a lot of people get confused when I say the legal way. What I mean is, making poses without using copyrighted images off the internet like from Here, Here and Here.
We will be making, hand-made poses from SCRATCH , so get ready to get your Polygonal Lassoo Tool ready !

Till tomorrow,
Hasta Luego, TeeKaye x

First Attempt

One of my first attempts at drawing clothes on Photoshop
If you're wanting to start out on drawing clothes click here
And have a practice at drawing.
Pixlr is actually really good at drawing clothes.
This was one of the first drawings I did on Pixlr :
But I prefer Photoshop.

-Tee x
Cathy2889 - Your graphic coming soon [:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

for ioli22 and danai.ioli

Here you go ladies [:
You're banner with the theme of Black & Purple.
I hope it's okay that Danai.ioli is wearing a Purple dress instead of a Black dress because the black dress clashed with the background.

This will be 13sd which can be paid whenever you're ready.
Thanks for using, TKG [:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

For Rafi101 [:

For Rafael [Rafi101] and his blog RNTM.
This graphic is 5sd , if you'd like it resized, let me know[:
Thanks for using TKG [:

My TTT Writers Sign.

I'm in love [:
This is the banner I was meant to make, only for TTT, but I decided to use it as 
my Official Writers. Sign .
I love the makeup.
Oh I forgot to mention,
New Writer for TTT,  is yours truly.
Oh yeah. Sense of pride. Sense. Of. Pride

Toodle-loo x

Monday, April 4, 2011

Writers Sign. for evaki_11

For my great client ; evaki_11
Here is your Writers Sign. which will be 7sd

I will put something for 14sd [including your previous graphic bill] in my bazaar for you to buy when possible .
Thanks for choosing TKG x

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Sample for xxlovexx

How far would you go for Fame?
On a virtual site?
How far would you go, for Virtual Fame?

Ask freshly-fired, Ruubin & freeduck_
You'd find them caught amidst the undignified Stardollians.

Once so close, what happened to Selena and Jack ?
Selena hated him...

Then Selena hired him for her blog.

Shortly after S + J were hired to write together on prestigous PSG.
I think this was a very bad idea. Perez once fired Jack, and then giving him another chance to write with somebody, they have had past fallouts with, is just plain stupid.
If there were a competition between J and S on who was the popular writer, I think Jack would've won hands down. After Selena posted this "final attempt at staying on PSG" post about how much she adored and loved her readers.
Luckily we had a Famewhore specialist in to translate the post :

If that wasn't enough, Jack left a pretty harsh comment to his former "BFF"

Meeeeow Jack, Harsh words. Harsh, Harsh words.
And of course, Selena had to fire back;
Seems like the kinda thing I'd say when I was in elementary.

Is it just me? Or does this all seem like a Publicity Stunt.
As stated by about 50 seperate people, this seems so fake, how they went from Besties to Worst Enemies.
Ahh, while this all registers in my mind it leaves me with one solitary thought:

The things people do for fame

*Tsk Tsk Tsk*
Ruubin + freeduck_
TeeKaye x

TTT Sample for "xxlovexx"

[As requested, a fashion sample for the lovely, Kimberly]

Fashion Sample x
Fashion Watch - 02.04.11
Browsing through Stardoll's Elites Pages, I was surprised and amazed, at the fashion sense of some.

Jenny, AKA [BubblyMinty] just has to open Fashion Watch, as this just could be Jenny's final outfit.
This picture was captured just before her leaving party, or so called "Funeral" .
The dress is beautiful, from head to toe, Jenny is both elegant and classic. The highlight of this outfit, for myself, being the hem of the dress. With numerous textures added to the outfit, what's not to love about Jenny's layering skills?

Speaking of Layering...

No. It's not Crazy Cat Lady, It's LadyGagaMcQueen
This is a perfect example of how not to layer your clothing. The layering is way off, and the overuse of fur, belts and the colour brown overpowers the look. If she had've alternated with different colours like black, white or maybe gold the look would've been less, disorganized. Let's not even talk about the cat on her shoulder...

Welcome Brit-on-me, Dollywood's favorite Tranny.
Effay models April's first Hotbuy perfectly. The Band Jacket goes flawlessly, with the teared black shirt, and distressed mini shorts. And the gap tooth just adds to that Grunge Chic look .

And finally, Nojarama!
Nojo is looking positively sexy in this outfit. Not as risky as his usual Avant Garde looks, but nonetheless, still very Nojo. Also rocking the gap tooth, but adding the monsterous butterfly.
Stay sexy, Noj x

So that's Fashion Watch, done and dusted for today.
So tell me what you think, and who should be on Fashion Watch next?

Couture Kisses,
TeeKaye x

As promised x

[Click to Enlarge]
Hair Tutorial
This tutorial was so simple and easy to make , and I really hope it shows you how to draw hair .
That hair I drew for the example was soooooooooo 70s or 80s , but here is another sample of hair drawing techniques :
Stay natural , and always remember where the crown , parting etc. is .
So Tell Me.
Did this tutorial help you ?
What do you want to see a tutorial about next time ?

By the way , I used Photoshop CS6 , and I do not use a tablet .
If you are just starting on graphics and not to sure whether you want Photoshop or anything like that , here is my Perfect Solution for you .

Has the basic brushes, dodge, burn, section select ect.
Enjoy x
P.S - I realise Ive posted a lot today , ahhh Saturdays [:

Friday, April 1, 2011

For : evaki_11

Click to View FULL SIZE [:

For evaki_11 and the folks at Stardoll Ellada x
Theme ; Purple , Blue & White
Featuring ; evaki_11
Extras ; Greek + Cyprus Flags

Banner w/ One doll = 7sd
You are only asked to pay the 7sd if you are completely satisfied with the graphic .
Standard Starbazaar Fees included

Thank you everyone [:

Thank you to everyone who has looked at TeeKaye Graphiques .
Yes . You right now , have been helping to make the blog a small success .
I use the word "small" because we are not Big and Popular , not yet anyways ; ]

Thank you for 1000 Page Views

I know this isn't exactly the best of the best . But it's the beginning .
I want to be remembered as one of the best Graphic Designers in Stardoll History alongside the likes of Lily Rose , Reira , John2_el_mejor , Hunnigall , Noelle , Wooldoor and so much more .

So once again , Thank you

-Con Amor , TeeKaye x