Saturday, April 2, 2011

As promised x

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Hair Tutorial
This tutorial was so simple and easy to make , and I really hope it shows you how to draw hair .
That hair I drew for the example was soooooooooo 70s or 80s , but here is another sample of hair drawing techniques :
Stay natural , and always remember where the crown , parting etc. is .
So Tell Me.
Did this tutorial help you ?
What do you want to see a tutorial about next time ?

By the way , I used Photoshop CS6 , and I do not use a tablet .
If you are just starting on graphics and not to sure whether you want Photoshop or anything like that , here is my Perfect Solution for you .

Has the basic brushes, dodge, burn, section select ect.
Enjoy x
P.S - I realise Ive posted a lot today , ahhh Saturdays [:

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