Saturday, April 2, 2011

TTT Sample for "xxlovexx"

[As requested, a fashion sample for the lovely, Kimberly]

Fashion Sample x
Fashion Watch - 02.04.11
Browsing through Stardoll's Elites Pages, I was surprised and amazed, at the fashion sense of some.

Jenny, AKA [BubblyMinty] just has to open Fashion Watch, as this just could be Jenny's final outfit.
This picture was captured just before her leaving party, or so called "Funeral" .
The dress is beautiful, from head to toe, Jenny is both elegant and classic. The highlight of this outfit, for myself, being the hem of the dress. With numerous textures added to the outfit, what's not to love about Jenny's layering skills?

Speaking of Layering...

No. It's not Crazy Cat Lady, It's LadyGagaMcQueen
This is a perfect example of how not to layer your clothing. The layering is way off, and the overuse of fur, belts and the colour brown overpowers the look. If she had've alternated with different colours like black, white or maybe gold the look would've been less, disorganized. Let's not even talk about the cat on her shoulder...

Welcome Brit-on-me, Dollywood's favorite Tranny.
Effay models April's first Hotbuy perfectly. The Band Jacket goes flawlessly, with the teared black shirt, and distressed mini shorts. And the gap tooth just adds to that Grunge Chic look .

And finally, Nojarama!
Nojo is looking positively sexy in this outfit. Not as risky as his usual Avant Garde looks, but nonetheless, still very Nojo. Also rocking the gap tooth, but adding the monsterous butterfly.
Stay sexy, Noj x

So that's Fashion Watch, done and dusted for today.
So tell me what you think, and who should be on Fashion Watch next?

Couture Kisses,
TeeKaye x

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