Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another Sample for xxlovexx

How far would you go for Fame?
On a virtual site?
How far would you go, for Virtual Fame?

Ask freshly-fired, Ruubin & freeduck_
You'd find them caught amidst the undignified Stardollians.

Once so close, what happened to Selena and Jack ?
Selena hated him...

Then Selena hired him for her blog.

Shortly after S + J were hired to write together on prestigous PSG.
I think this was a very bad idea. Perez once fired Jack, and then giving him another chance to write with somebody, they have had past fallouts with, is just plain stupid.
If there were a competition between J and S on who was the popular writer, I think Jack would've won hands down. After Selena posted this "final attempt at staying on PSG" post about how much she adored and loved her readers.
Luckily we had a Famewhore specialist in to translate the post :

If that wasn't enough, Jack left a pretty harsh comment to his former "BFF"

Meeeeow Jack, Harsh words. Harsh, Harsh words.
And of course, Selena had to fire back;
Seems like the kinda thing I'd say when I was in elementary.

Is it just me? Or does this all seem like a Publicity Stunt.
As stated by about 50 seperate people, this seems so fake, how they went from Besties to Worst Enemies.
Ahh, while this all registers in my mind it leaves me with one solitary thought:

The things people do for fame

*Tsk Tsk Tsk*
Ruubin + freeduck_
TeeKaye x

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