Friday, April 8, 2011

Coming to you from TKG !

Hola Chica's & Chico's [:
Tomorrow, I'll be bringing you an exclusive Tutorial on how to pose your Medoll [The legal way] .
And a lot of people get confused when I say the legal way. What I mean is, making poses without using copyrighted images off the internet like from Here, Here and Here.
We will be making, hand-made poses from SCRATCH , so get ready to get your Polygonal Lassoo Tool ready !

Till tomorrow,
Hasta Luego, TeeKaye x

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TheQueeness/NeonTiara. said...

Hi, Thanks for syaing about the pixlr website, its very good for graphic beginners like myself (:
and what's the site to polygonal lasso? please tell me in my gb (of TheQueeness account on stardoll) because im to lazy to follow-up the comments x)
Btw, I LOVE your header; what site did u use for it? :)