Saturday, April 9, 2011

Comp Entry #1

Eeeew ! Haha

It looks like a huge Purple Pumpkin with a black spider sitting on it.
I made this people !
Experimenting with brushes and stuff [:


JanaStarlite said...

It's a heckuva lot more interesting than 98% of what we see in StarPlaza!!

It's playful with fabulous colors. I'm glad you posted this!

I'd buy it.

TK_Cullen... | TeeKaye said...

You think!
Haha, I never get comments, but if I was getting a comment for this post I thought it would've been like this:

Anonymous said...
This design sucks. Don't ever design. EVER

Haha, thanks anyways [:

Anonymous said...

This design sucks. Don't ever design. EVER

Laura said...

This dress really look like pumpkin, but you do it By yourself and becouse of that is unique and pretty in one way.;)

Nina said...

For a beginner it's pretty good. I have yet to design so it looks like it needs work. But who am I to say anythingg, I don't even know how to work photoshopp. xD

I would go less daring with it tho... Love the colors just smoothen everything outt(:

Keep practicingg(:

Anonymous said...

I like the colors but I'm sorry, the dress itself doesn't look real or nice.

Lozzyy. & lottieedottiee said...

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