Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hi and sorry :'(

Hi guys, weeeeeell long story.
I was working on the Posing your Medoll [The Legal Way] Tutorial, when I mucked it up.
Due to the numerous layers and the way I fucked up the fingers :L haha, I'm not that sad about it though, because I'll make you a tutorial soon [:
And, it is Sunday tomorrow, which is my graphics day.
So for now, here is a graphic I made.

Wow. This is really crap.
And I'm not very proud of it, well I'm proud of myself but not the outcome.
Wondering why I'm proud ? I made this pose and background 100% from scratch.
I'm sick of using pre-made poses and decided to try my hand at making my own poses, [Thank you polygonal lasoo tool and eraser !] .
Here are the negative points:
  1. The hands are weird. And look very deformed and miscoloured [That's not even a word]
  2. The dodging and burning isn't my usual skin shading technique
  3. There is a 'choppy' outline around most things
  4. The face is all squished as I had to resize it to be smaller
  5. The outfit was hard to put together, [It is all LE and one Hotbuy]
But focusing on the positive side:
  1. The pose was made by scratch ! And I'm proud
  2. The hair was made from scratch ! The coloring and shading is perfect
  3. I experimented with Text, Fonts and Effects, and gained experience
  4. I made a background from scratch
  5. And I'm starting to grip the basics of Photoshop
That's it from me.
-TeeKaye x
Will post tomorrow [:

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I am in Love with it.;]