Friday, April 1, 2011

New Layout ! Photosop !

Woooo !
OMG , It's been so awesome since I resigned from BFM , I've had eaps of time to work on graphics [:
As you can notice I've chosen a new layout + A new banner .
The actual banner was a bit to big so I had to cutit off half way , but here is the whole thing :

No need to enlarge [:

       This was the first graphic ever made on Photoshop [By TeeKaye Isobelle Kassidy]

BTW , will be uploading a Hair tutorial next , and will be making myself an official Signature Mini-Banner , Plus working on a graphic for the beautiful evaki_11 for her blog ,

Ahhh , Dollywood life is good

-TeeKaye x

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Punky_Lissy said...

It really reminds me on one of my graphics^^